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Countless Applications, Limitless Opportunities RHINO produces low-rise steel structures in any size required by the customer.  There are no “standard” sizes in RHINO metal buildings.  We find certain sizes— like a 50’ x 80’ metal building—frequently ordered by RHINO’s customers. RHINO has delivered thousands of prefabricated metal buildings across North America.  These steel building packages run the gamut from a mere 144 square feet to a massive 165,000 square feet.  Our median metal building remains at 4,000 square feet. We… Read More

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60×100 STEEL

6,000 Square Feet of Possibilities RHINO has delivered custom steel buildings as large as 275’ x 600’.  However, our most popular sizes continued to be in the mid-sized range.  The average sized RHINO order is about 6,000 square feet— like a 60’ x 100’ metal building. 60 x 100 Metal Building for Retail, Commercial, or Industrial Use While some individuals purchase buildings in this size rang, commercial and industrial clients account for most sales for 60’ x 100’ metal buildings.… Read More

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