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Startup Business Ideas for 2017

Part 2:  75 New Businesses to Start this Year If you have been dreaming of becoming your own boss, but do not have a specific enterprise in mind, check out this list of startup business ideas. Some will involve specific skillsets and training; other business endeavors require little previous training. Many entrepreneurs already have vision for a product or service, based on their own ideas, talents, and experience. The objective is to find the business startup most compatible and exciting… Read More

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Starting A New Business in 2017

Do You Have What it Takes to be an Entrepreneur? Have you been thinking about starting a new business this year? Many people dream of being their own boss and becoming financially independent. Are you simply wishing for an easier life, or do you actually have what it takes to succeed as a small business owner? Small Businesses, Big Impact According to the Small Business Association (SBA), there are over 28 million small businesses in America. These mighty mini dynamos… Read More

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Metal Buildings for Tires Stores

Where the Rubber Meets the Road in Construction Why do the owners of tires stores overwhelming choose pre-engineered steel buildings to house their businesses? Because prefabricated metal buildings provide the best structure at the best price. You can talk benefits all day long, but the real test of any product is it’s actually use, also known as “when the rubber meets the road.” A quality-made pre-engineered metal building (PEMB) not only promises great value, it also delivers on that promise.… Read More

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Steel Buildings for Auto Parts Stores

10 Reasons Auto Parts Store Owners Love PEMBs A pre-engineered metal building (PEMB) provides the benefits owners of auto parts stores require. Like all retailers, auto parts storeowners desire quality construction at an affordable price. PEMBs meet those criteria easily. Steel buildings deliver a low cost-per-square foot for framing materials and fast building erection. But as any savvy retail merchant knows, the initial cost is only one part of the equation when choosing a new building. To keep profit margins… Read More

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Preventing Holiday Fires

Tips for a Safer Holiday this Year Festive celebrations end in tragedy when holiday fires erupt. Following a few simple, sensible precautions can keep your holiday revels safe, merry— and fire free. Holiday Fire Facts Before you peruse our holiday safety tips, let’s look at a few serious statistics on holiday fires: Structural fires increase dramatically over the winter months. Of the five most dangerous days of the year for fire, four are over the end-of-the-year holidays: Christmas Eve, Christmas… Read More

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Metal Building Construction Loads 101

Part 2: Understanding Environmental Loads Part one of this series on construction loads covered the basics of dead loads and live loads. Now let’s look at the additional loads old Mother Nature inflicts on structures. Planning for nature’s violent vicissitudes is tricky. No one knows exactly the strength hurricane-force winds will blow. Who can guess how much snow can accumulate during back-to-back snowstorms? And multiple variables determine the damage inflicted by seismic events. Building code officials calculate required loads based… Read More

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Steel in Construction and So Much More

The Many Ways Steel Is Used Today- Part 3 PART 1 of this series on steel in construction and in other products covered steel’s uses in agriculture, food packaging, infrastructure, and transportation. PART 2 focused on steel’s many uses in our homes, the energy industry, medicine, and the military. Of course, as the owner of a pre-engineered steel building company, my livelihood comes from the use of steel in construction. Why Steel Dominates the Construction Market Buildings with skeletons of… Read More

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Metal Buildings and So Much More

The Many Ways Steel Is Used Today- Part 2 In PART 1 of this series on metal buildings and other steel products, we looked at steel’s uses in transportation, agriculture, food packaging, and infrastructure. Now let’s look at some of the other ways steel frames our lives. More Steel Products Our search for the uses of steel continues… ENERGY INDUSTRY: How could the power-generation and oil and gas industries function without the strength of steel? Steel creates electrical towers, gas… Read More

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RHINO Business Park Update

Phase 4 Completed at the Industrial Park in Denton, TX Last year we told our readers about the RHINO Business Park under construction. At that time, phase one and phase two were completed, while phase three was beginning. Located in Denton, Texas, the RHINO Business Park offers a prime location just off the business loop from Interstate-35. Two Latest Additions to the RHINO Business Park The RHINO Business Park now includes two new structures completed earlier this year. The first… Read More

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Termites Cannot Make a Meal of a Steel Building

Wood Structures Invite Termites to Lunch Termites look so tiny and harmless. Don’t believe it. Those relentless wood-munching monsters lurk in dark places, quietly devouring every cellulose-filled object in their path. Outnumbered and Outflanked The sheer number of termites on this planet boggles the mind. Forty-five different species of termites inhabit the U.S. Worldwide, over 2,700 termite species exist. We are completely outnumbered in this fight. Experts estimate there are 1,000 pounds of termites for every human on earth. Termite… Read More

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