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RHINO Business Park Update

Phase 4 Completed at the Industrial Park in Denton, TX Last year we told our readers about the RHINO Business Park under construction. At that time, phase one and phase two were completed, while phase three was beginning. Located in Denton, Texas, the RHINO Business Park offers a prime location just off the business loop from Interstate-35. Two Latest Additions to the RHINO Business Park The RHINO Business Park now includes two new structures completed earlier this year. The first… Read More

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Termites Cannot Make a Meal of a Steel Building

Wood Structures Invite Termites to Lunch Termites look so tiny and harmless. Don’t believe it. Those relentless wood-munching monsters lurk in dark places, quietly devouring every cellulose-filled object in their path. Outnumbered and Outflanked The sheer number of termites on this planet boggles the mind. Forty-five different species of termites inhabit the U.S. Worldwide, over 2,700 termite species exist. We are completely outnumbered in this fight. Experts estimate there are 1,000 pounds of termites for every human on earth. Termite… Read More

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Comparing Asphalt and Steel Roofing

Types of Roofing: TYPES OF ROOFING: THE PROS AND CONS OF THE TWO MAJOR ROOFING SYSTEMS Constructing a new commercial or industrial building usually means choosing between asphalt and steel roofing on wood framing or metal building. Let’s examine the strength and weaknesses of both systems. Up-front Cost vs. Long-Term Cost The greatest selling point for traditional asphalt shingles is that they are less expensive than steel roofing. They are also used exclusively on wood-framed structures. Many residential production builders… Read More

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Uses and Benefits of Steel Buildings

Why Steel Buildings Dominate the Market You've seen steel buildings and are probably noticing more of them as they gain popularity as permanent, practical, and economical structures. These metal buildings are all around us in the form of garages, shops, warehouses, commercial/industrial buildings, recreational facilities, airplane hangers, fire stations, and agricultural buildings such as barns and implement sheds. The use of steel buildings has been favorable since post WWII, and steel building systems have been gaining widespread popularity since the 1970s.… Read More

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Benefits of Steel Buildings

When you are in need of a durable, expandable, inexpensive way to store something large, look into building a steel structure. Steel buildings have many benefits when it comes to purchase, construction, and usability. Read More

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Reindeer and Red-Iron: A Metal Building Story

A Holiday Tale from RHINO Steel Buildings As the holidays approach, we thought it might be fun to detour slightly from our usual metal building blogs. Here is a light-hearted story for the holidays of Santa's quest for new steel buildings.  We hope you enjoy it.   A Merry Metal Building Christmas (with apologies to Clement Clark Moore) ‘Twas the last of September at RHINO H.Q., Where all the employees were just about through With the busy day’s contracts and… Read More

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Is a Steel Building Right for Your Church?

There are many reasons adaptable steel buildings work particularly well as metal church buildings.  Pre-engineered steel buildings are not only very affordable, but a stronger, safer, smarter way to build any low-rise structure, including churches. Of the many benefits inherent in steel buildings for churches, three advantages of prefab church buildings in particular appeal to religious congregations: high ceilings, wide spans, and exceptional affordability. Most churches prefer high ceilings for their main sanctuary.  RHINO Steel Building Systems accommodates church building… Read More

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Mold-Free Metal Buildings

Prevent mold and fungus by choosing pre-fabricated metal buildings. Mold is a fungus that thrives on two things: moisture and organic material. It breeds and spreads, filling the air you breathe with its insidious spores. Mold infiltrates a building so covertly. You don’t know it’s there until you suddenly spot “something” in that corner, or you notice a musty, earthy, odor like rotting leaves. Your eyes and nose are usually the first to pick up on the presence of a… Read More

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Steel Buildings for Indoor Riding Arenas

Indoor Riding Arenas: A Fiery Horse with the Speed of Light… Most American kids grow up loving horses. If you are like me, your first heroes were probably TV cowboys galloping to the rescue on magnificent horses, manes flashing and hooves flying.  We could just imagine ourselves riding alongside our favorite Western idols. Perhaps you remember some of these: Roy Rogers in all his fringed western finery with his great palomino Trigger. Dale Evans with her mare Buttermilk. Gene Autry… Read More

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Prefab Steel Buildings Make Great Restaurants

According to the latest figures, a restaurant can be a terrific investment.  And prefab steel buildings make excellent restaurants. Food-service sales in the U.S. are $1.7 billion per day.  That’s equal to about 4% of the gross domestic product.  The National Restaurant Association reports the total annual economic impact of the restaurant industry is $1.7 trillion. Using a Prefab Steel Building to Start a New Restaurant So you want to start a new restaurant.  Who will be your target market?… Read More

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