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Steel Barns and Farm Buildings

Agricultural Building Trends for 21st Century Farming Changes in the evolution of farming practices mandate changes in farm buildings.  Pre-engineered steel barns and buildings still dominate rural agricultural construction.  However, recent years have seen several distinct trends in farm buildings. Larger Structures, Wider Doors Today’s bigger farms employ huge machinery.  Unfortunately, these super-sized tractors and farm attachments do not fit into older equipment sheds. Modern farm operations require hefty-sized farm buildings and machinery shelters with much wider doors.  Prefabricated steel… Read More

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Metal Barns and Outbuildings for Rural Living

Improving Life and Property Value with Steel Outbuildings Metal barns and outbuildings dot the countryside everywhere you go. Across the heartland—and in rural areas just outside major metropolitan areas—peaceful country homestead, farm, and ranch properties include steel buildings. The Numbers on Living in the Country According to the latest statistics on rural dwellers: 46.1 million U.S. residents now live in non-metro counties 14% of the population lives on 72% of the nation’s land mass 81% of rural dwellers are homeowners… Read More

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Steel Dairy Barns for Contented Cows

Happy Cows in Comfortable Barns Produce More Milk Pre-engineered steel dairy barns create a safer, more comfortable environment for dairy farmers— and for the herds they own.  Surprising research shows happy cows not only produce more milk, but better quality milk. Got Milk? Thank American Dairy Farmers. The scope of the American dairy industry boggles the mind: The average American consumes 812.9 pounds of milk, cheese, ice cream, butter, and other dairy products every year! The USDA reports 9.349 million… Read More

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Building Green Helicopter Hangars

Steel: The Environmentally Sound Choice for Chopper Hangars Astute aircraft owners choose to build green helicopter hangars with steel. Chopper businesses and recreational enthusiasts alike appreciate the environmental benefits afforded by steel construction. An Arial Perspective on the Planet Hovering high over our incredible planet offers chopper pilots and crews a unique view of Earth’s beauty— and its struggles. Along with breathtaking natural vistas, they also see man’s marks on the land: clouds of pollution, urban sprawl, decimated forests, overflowing… Read More

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Agricultural Building Trends- Part 3

Why Roof-Only Farm Buildings are Gaining in Popularity One of the agricultural building trends we cited in part one of this series was the increasing number of roof-only farm and ranch structures. There are two main reasons for the recent upsurge in unenclosed agricultural construction. First, open-walled structures make movement easier. Today’s massive farm equipment does not turn on a dime. Maneuvering in and out of a wall-less structure is much simpler than fitting through a tight doorway. Secondly, roof-only… Read More

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Agricultural Building Trends- Part 2

21 Reasons Perceptive Farmers and Ranchers Choose Steel Buildings In part one of this series on agricultural building trends, we learned both farms and farming equipment are much larger today. Barns and other farm buildings must increase in size. Consequently, agricultural steel building sales are on the rise. Why are so many farmers and ranchers choosing to build with steel? Pre-engineered steel buildings are the only structures that meet the demands of 21st century farming operations. 21 Benefits of Steel… Read More

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Agricultural Building Trends- Part 1

The Super-Sizing of U.S. Farming BIG defines the agricultural building trends today. Farms are bigger and so are tractors and other farming equipment, creating an increased need for bigger farm buildings. In 1790, farmers made up 90% of the U.S. labor force. Farming required backbreaking work, plowing fields with crude wooden plows pulled by horses or oxen. Three hundred man-hours were needed to produce 100 bushels of wheat. By the mid-1800s, innovations in farming— like the steel plow— allowed farmers… Read More

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Building Green Down on the Farm

Why Farmers and Ranchers Choose Pre-engineered Steel Buildings People who enjoy country living favor building green, eco-friendly structures on their rural properties. Whether their country home represents a retreat from urban life or their livelihood, rural dwellers love the land. Country people are, by nature, conservationists. Environment preservation is important to them, and so is eco-friendly green building. Farmers and ranchers were the first to appreciate and build with steel. Even before the environmental movement gained national support, those who… Read More

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Making Hay Sheds While the Sun Shines

Protecting Feed, Livestock, and Equipment with Metal Ag Buildings Shrewd farmers and ranchers use pre-engineered metal hay sheds and barns to protect their assets. Planting, growing, and harvesting hay represents a significant amount of time, money, and effort. Why leave bales rotting in the field when prefabricated steel hay sheds and barns are so economical and easy to erect? Hay Production in the U.S. In 2015, U.S. hay production topped 134.4 million tons. The top ten hay producing states— California,… Read More

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Steel Barns: Making a Red Barn Green

Why Farmers and Ranchers Choose Eco-friendly Metal Buildings Strong, durable and recyclable pre-engineered steel barns and agricultural buildings make it easy to be “green.” The environmental benefits of metal buildings make them with favorite for rural dwellers and city dwellers alike. This Land is Your Land Farmers and ranchers respect the land. Their very existence depends on the earth’s bounty. Being “green” comes naturally to them. That is just one of the many reasons so many ranchers and farmers make… Read More

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