Exterior Panels for Pre-engineered Steel Buildings

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April 16, 2013

Understanding Steel Roof and Wall Panel Metal Building Options

Long-lasting and durable exterior steel panels adorn most pre-engineered steel buildings. Although commercial steel buildings can be finished in other building materials for a distinctive appearance, most metal building buyers still opt for steel panels as weather resistant siding.

sturdy exterior steel panels for RHINO metal buildingsA far cry from the old “tin” sheet-metal building siding options of your grandpa’s day, the strong metal building panels used on modern pre-engineered steel buildings provide durable protection and lasting beauty for decades of service.


RHINO steel buildings include 26-gauge steel purlin bearing rib (PBR) panels, which install quickly and easily.

To safeguard the steel from the elements, Galvalume® coats each panel.  An aluminum and zinc alloy, Galvalume®  assures maximum protection from rust and corrosion. An attractive color is baked over the Galvalume® coating, doubling the protection of the metal building panels. Available in eight vibrant hues, the color-coated PBR panels boasts a 30-year guarantee as weather resistant siding and comes in a variety of metal building colors.

RHINO PBR steel panels overlap more for increased strength and durabilityPBR wall and roof panels attach easily to the steel framing with self-drilling screws.  The cast zinc aluminum screws include a durable, weather-resistant EPDM washer for a watertight seal.  Manufactured to resist rust, ultraviolet damage, or ozone-induced deterioration, the screws and washers promise years of trouble-free maintenance.

Unlike many of our competitors, RHINO’s PBR steel roof panels overlap the adjoining panel fully, providing an extra 1-1/4” of steel contact.  That creates a stronger, more leak-resistant connection than old-fashioned “R” panels.

Builders in coastal regions with salt spray— and areas with a corrosive environment or acid rain— should select steel metal building panels for weather resistant siding with a Kynar® -coated silicon, polyester, and resin finish.

Optional Exterior Panels for Pre-engineered Metal Buildings

If preferred, customers may choose a 26-gauge “A” panel (for exterior walls only) as an option for metal building panels.

The thicker 24-gauge standing seam roof panel represents the ultimate in weather resistant siding. Offered as metal building siding options, standing seam sheets eliminate the need to penetrate the steel panel with screws.

According to the American Iron and Steel Institute, standing seam roof usage has risen to almost 50% in commercial and industrial construction.

Call RHINO Now for Details

Steel exterior panels are just one part of the total RHINO-tough metal building system. Call today to find out more about our standard prefabricated steel building package and the array of available options for weather resistant siding and metal building panels: 888.320.7466.

- by Bruce Brown,
Steel Building Systems, Inc

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