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Small Building, Big Possibilities

While RHINO’s prefabricated steel buildings are available in any dimensions, we find some sizes ordered repeatedly. One of these is the 30’ x 30’ metal building.

At only 900 square feet, including framing, this mighty midget offers almost infinite possibilities for both residential and commercial uses.

Two-Car Garages with a 30 x 30 Metal Building

For example, the 30’ x 30’ RHINO building makes an excellent detached two-car garage. Wood-framed garages are typically only 20’ x 20’— a tight squeeze for larger dual pickups and the SUVs so popular today. Even a larger 24’ x 24’ design allows only enough room for two cars.

However, a 30’ x 30’ building supplies plenty of room for two vehicles, plus extra space for storage, a workbench— or for additional vehicles like bicycles, ATVs, riding mowers, motorcycles, or jet skis. Yet a 30’ x 30’ metal building still fits snugly on lots where space is limited.

Consider the possibilities of a 30’ x 30’ metal building as a backyard hobby hut, a game and recreation room, a roomy detached home office, or even a combination pool/party house for family events, social meetings, or entertaining.

The 30’ x 30’ size would even work well for that small weekend cabin you have been planning.

Commercial Uses for 30 x 30 Metal Buildings

A 30’ x 30’ steel building has many commercial applications, too. Most take-out and drive-through restaurants such as burger joints, coffee shops, donut shops, and sandwich shops fall in this general size range.

Surprisingly, many Main Street type retailers like specialty stores, bead stores, boutiques, jewelry stores, and gift shops use structures with less than 1,000 square feet very successfully. In retail, it is all about sales per square foot. With small items to sell and a small structure, your profits per square foot soar.

A 30’ x 30’ building easily accommodates a four or five chair beauty salon, too.

30 x 30 Metal Building with Consistent Quality

All RHINO buildings provide consistent quality. Every piece of the precisely manufactured framing is high quality commercial-grade steel. RHINO buildings grant lasting beauty and value. Our steel framing never rots, twists, splits, shifts, creeps, or sags like wood framing.

RHINO’s factory-produced framing assembles easily. Many of our customers elect to erect their own building with the help of a few friends— especially in smaller framing packages like the 30’ x 30’.

Choose any exterior finishing material you desire to finish your RHINO 30’ x 30’ metal building. Our sturdy and attractive steel panels and trim come in many different color choices and three styles. Or, if you prefer, finish your RHINO building in brick, stone, stucco, glass, or any other exterior building material.

Whether you need a 30’ x 30’ metal building, a 200’ x 500’ steel warehouse, or anything in between, RHINO has the right steel building for you. Please call us toll free at 1.888.320.7466 for more information.

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